2x XP, SP, Drop Rate for Life!!

Lineage II - South-East Asia ("L2-SEA") did it! They jumped in and joined the Philippine Online Gaming trend of Nx XP, SP, Drop Rate permanently (it was first started by Mobius Games' Mu Online, then later followed by Level Up's Ragnarok Online, and the rest of the industry jumped in the Nx Bandwagon).

Didn't I say 3x XP, SP, Drop Rate from July to August and Cadmus is going online?

Read on for the official announcement.

If you can't see the image:

Newsletter June 2008 Issue 11

Twice the Fun in Lineage II's 2x for Life!

The doubled fun has just started, and it will definitely not end!

Get everything two times more in XP, SP, and monster drops not only for two weeks but - for life! Now, you have all the reason to boost up your character and this bliss can go on forever.

And that's not all! Get your weekends grinding to the battle field from July to August as we beam up the modification increase in XP, SP, and monster drops to a triple!

Plus, the real party will just start when we welcome the arrival of Lineage II's new server, Cadmus. And if you're still one of those few who haven't experienced and explored the lands of Ether, then the seven-day unlimited trial account is just the push you need to get your adventure moving.

What are you waiting for? Don't just stare there, get into the action of Lineage II!

2x for life!