Lineage II SEA Community Portal and Boards goes Online

AsianMedia's iPlay™ Asia.Community went offline last 15th April 2008 with a message that the Community just got Bigger and Better. It went back online last Friday, 18th April 2008 at 6:00pm with indeed a better site.

They developed a new site just for the Community of Lineage II South-East Asia - a portal (as shown above) and discussion boards (as shown below).

Reading the new forums, the overall feedback is very positive. Majority are also in agreement with the new light and soft design of the L2-SEA Community Site, which helps prevent eye strain. Many websites use white as background, or a light-soft color combination, check out Google, Yahoo, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and many others. A black background site is not as common as every think it is, but a black background is easy to use when it comes to designing a website. If you ask me, for entities and official sites, they should use white as background or a light-soft color combination. Black backgrounds are for those who do not have a team to develop the site, for example YOUr Lineage.

Anyway, visit the new L2-SEA Community Site:
L2-SEA Community Portal
L2-SEA Community Boards

Below is the new iPlay™ Asia.Community main website:

Visit: iPlay™ Asia.Community

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