Lineage II - 2008 Commercial Launch News

For the Philippine L2-SEA players, there is an unlimited game time promo for you. The PhP20.00 and PhP50.00 L2 Cards will give 24-hours and 72-hours of unlimited game time respectively instead of the usual hour-based packages. Not only that, there will be in-game items that are bundled with the L2 Cards. Additionally, there will be a refer-a-friend promo the details of which will be posted soon. Top-Ups? People can start topping-up by the 17th January.

Apart from that, the news that will make every L2-SEA player (well almost not all) smile is that starting 22nd January 2008, there will be a 2x XP, SP, and Drop Rate, which will last up to 5th February 2008. Finally, the much awaited Content Patch - Kamael, is scheduled this April!

These are the news that I can recall from the L2 Launch Event that was held a few hours ago, and it surpassed any local and regional Commercial Launch Party, a huge success for AsianMedia, NCsoft, and the L2-SEA Community! Congratulations!!

I have something to add... we saw "Cadmus" as a new upcoming server. No date though when, probably will coincide with the launching of Kamael, which is fair enough in my opinion.

Special Server Maintenance Advisory: 15th to 17th January 2008

Quoted from L2-SEA:

Please be advised that the servers and account creation will be down from 8:00am (0800H) ACT, 15th January to 8:00am (0800H) ACT, 17th January. We will have an extended server maintenance to prepare for the enabling of the Payment System.

Thank you very much.


Live WebCast of L2 Launch

Bitstop Network Services (BNS) will provide the Live WebCast for the L2 Launch tomorrow!

Visit the official L2 Launch site tomorrow to see the Live WebCast!


Walk into the World of Lineage II without Getting Inside Your PC

As year 2007 nearly set to a halt, AsianMedia has capped everything off to make the New Year popping with loud roar and cheer!

On Saturday, 12th January 2008, Lineage II - South-East Asia (L2-SEA) will raise the bar of how festivity should become. Whoever you are, wherever you would be - choose from the five different locations and blast off to the grandest SEA Commercial Kickoff Party dubbed as the L2 Launch!

Get to explore beyond the gates. Set foor to the medieval lifestyle of various races through fascinating Cosplay scenes. Summon your inner thirst for great in-game activities and prizes; and rock the whole dome with your favorite bands till sundown.

Join the dash to SM Mall of Asia's Music Hall to become part of one of the biggest event which will start eevery gamer's year right. Simultaneously broadcasted via live feeds from four other locations - Baguio City, Cebu City, Davao City, and Kuala Lumpur - they will join forces to celebrate and highlight Lineage II's grand unveiling.

You might even get the opportunity to win the Commodore's Hat and/or an Enchant Weapon A (scroll) for your in-game character!


TEC Asia
4th Floor Low Yat Plaza, Kuala Lumpur
Starts at 11:00am

SM Mall of Asia
Music Hall Roxas Boulevard, Manila
Starts at 11:00am

18BC Bar
Legarda Road, Baguio City
Starts at 6:00pm

Formo Bar
Banilad Town Center, Cebu City
Starts at 6:00pm

Boyztrek Internet Cafe
Jacinto St., Davao City
Starts at 6:00pm

Early Bird Rewards
L2-SEA Launch Clan Rally
L2-SEA Launch Battle Tournament
L2-SEA Inspired Head Gear Contest
L2-SEA Launch Placard Contest

and many more...

L2-SEA Launch Cosplay Contest
L2-SEA Launch On-the-Spot Drawing Contest
Amazing Lineage II Race Contest
. . .

Visit the official L2-SEA Launch site: L2 Launch!

See you there!!