2x XP, SP, Drop Rate for Life!!

Lineage II - South-East Asia ("L2-SEA") did it! They jumped in and joined the Philippine Online Gaming trend of Nx XP, SP, Drop Rate permanently (it was first started by Mobius Games' Mu Online, then later followed by Level Up's Ragnarok Online, and the rest of the industry jumped in the Nx Bandwagon).

Didn't I say 3x XP, SP, Drop Rate from July to August and Cadmus is going online?

Read on for the official announcement.

If you can't see the image:

Newsletter June 2008 Issue 11

Twice the Fun in Lineage II's 2x for Life!

The doubled fun has just started, and it will definitely not end!

Get everything two times more in XP, SP, and monster drops not only for two weeks but - for life! Now, you have all the reason to boost up your character and this bliss can go on forever.

And that's not all! Get your weekends grinding to the battle field from July to August as we beam up the modification increase in XP, SP, and monster drops to a triple!

Plus, the real party will just start when we welcome the arrival of Lineage II's new server, Cadmus. And if you're still one of those few who haven't experienced and explored the lands of Ether, then the seven-day unlimited trial account is just the push you need to get your adventure moving.

What are you waiting for? Don't just stare there, get into the action of Lineage II!

2x for life!


Lineage II Eyeball Party Aftermath

Lineage II Eyeball party was a big hit though the weather was bad during that day still you guys made it possible! Thanks you for coming and see you all again

See pictures and the winners here.


Forever in Ether

Alphabet Event

Kamael Gates

Lineage II South-East Asia The Kamael Collector's Edition

AsianMedia, the publisher of Lineage II in South-East Asia, is going to release a Collector's Edition ("CE") box for the latest expansion content "The Kamael".

The CE box will be available on 22nd April 2008, the official launch of The Kamael content patch. It will be available for PhP1,000 or U$25.00 and has been reported to be already being sold by gaming stores in Singapore, Philippine, and Malaysia according to the fans of L2-SEA (way ahead of the official date of availability).

What's so special with The Kamael CE?

  • Angel Halo - Eclusive In-Game Item

    Be the envy of your guildmates and other players as you roam the continents of Ether while adorned in the exclusive Angel Halo. This magnificent in-game headgear will only ever be available in the Collector's Edition.

  • Limited Edition Kamael Dog Tag Necklace
    Crafted in Aluminum and custom engraved with the beautiful Kamael Logo and Insignia, this Limited Edition Dog Tag Necklace is an accessory worthy of a true Lineage II fan.

  • Kamael Limited Series: 30-Day Game Time Card
    Made specifically for the Collector's Edition Box, this 30-Day time card was designed using exclusive Lineage II artwork and is made out of PVC plastic.

  • Limited Edition Kamael Game Guide
    Instantly venture into the world of Lineage II as this specially-made Game Guide gives you some much needed information about the one winged race - the Kamael!

Are you going to buy? I am!

Read the official press release: Asian Media to release Lineage II: the Kamael Collector’s Edition box

Lineage II SEA Community Portal and Boards goes Online

AsianMedia's iPlay™ Asia.Community went offline last 15th April 2008 with a message that the Community just got Bigger and Better. It went back online last Friday, 18th April 2008 at 6:00pm with indeed a better site.

They developed a new site just for the Community of Lineage II South-East Asia - a portal (as shown above) and discussion boards (as shown below).

Reading the new forums, the overall feedback is very positive. Majority are also in agreement with the new light and soft design of the L2-SEA Community Site, which helps prevent eye strain. Many websites use white as background, or a light-soft color combination, check out Google, Yahoo, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and many others. A black background site is not as common as every think it is, but a black background is easy to use when it comes to designing a website. If you ask me, for entities and official sites, they should use white as background or a light-soft color combination. Black backgrounds are for those who do not have a team to develop the site, for example YOUr Lineage.

Anyway, visit the new L2-SEA Community Site:
L2-SEA Community Portal
L2-SEA Community Boards

Below is the new iPlay™ Asia.Community main website:

Visit: iPlay™ Asia.Community


NCsoft Europe cracks down on Illegal Private Servers

NCsoft® is once again cracking down on illegal private servers and iCafes providing services/access to these illegal servers.

It is interesting to note that here in the Philippines, the iCafe business was "saved" by the Online Gaming Industry and helped it boom. The reason - no game licensing fees. Online Games were also said to have become very popular because there is no piracy, however, the mere distribution of illegal private server installers is in itself an act of piracy. The number one supporter of this modern piracy are the businesses that was saved by the online gaming industry - Internet Cafes ("iCafes").

How ironic, just go from one iCafe to another (be it a residential iCafe or an iCafe chain), you will see support for Ragnarok Online private servers, not only that, there are also private server support for Mu Online, Lineage® II, World of Warcraft, Gunbound (imagine that, a private server for a free-to-play online game), and Priston Tale (to mention a few). These iCafe owners are tolerating such activities in the name of "business" without realizing that they are killing the local online gaming industry.

The question now is: Do the iCafe industry still need the online gaming industry? I wonder, if the online gaming industry shuts down, will these hundreds and thousands of iCafes still survive (with illegal/pirated private server support)?

Below is the Press Release from NCsoft.

NCsoft®, the world-leading, publisher of massively multiplayer online games such as Guild Wars®, Lineage® II and City of Heroes®, today announced that it was stepping up its fight against the growing menace of intellectual property theft. This action comes as a direct response to the rise of illegal online game servers throughout Eastern Europe, particularly in Greece and Russia where NCsoft’s fantasy-based online role playing game, Lineage II, is extremely popular.

The fraudulent servers in question are being used by players playing at home and in internet cafes, but such unauthorised servers often feature – or require users to download – illegally modified and potentially harmful game data, thereby changing the intended online experience.

NCsoft's European office has identified several prominent illegal servers across Europe and is in the process of taking action against individuals and corporations deemed to be in breach of international copyright laws. In a lawsuit that was commenced last year in Greece, NCsoft successfully obtained a court order against Internet Cafe business, 'e-GLOBAL' following which four of its cafes were raided and illegal software was seized. This led to the shutting down of illegal servers on which pirate copies of Lineage II software was loaded. Georgios Katostaris – Chairman of the Board and Managing Director, Constantinos Zygouras – Vice-Chairman of the Board and Managing Director, Athanassios Dobros – Deputy Managing Director and Dimitrios Koutsoukos – Administrator of the company under the name 'INTERNET DYNAMICS LLC' have all been made personal defendants to the proceedings that are continuing in the Greek Courts in which NCsoft is seeking damages as well as criminal remedies.

"Illegal game servers, such as those operating from e-GLOBAL, have a hugely negative impact on both NCsoft Europe and its customers," commented Max Brown, NCsoft Europe's Sales & Operations Director. "They seriously affect the player's experience of our products and rob the company of potential revenue that is used to further enhance the player experience on official servers. NCsoft's loss in revenue from e-GLOBAL's operation is estimated in excess of six million Euros. We are defiant in our resolve to stamp out theft of NCsoft's intellectual properties and are prepared to take the strongest measures to do so."

NCsoft has a proven track record in combating illegal servers, having worked with the FBI in November 2006 to shut down a substantial unofficial Lineage II server run by US-based website, L2Extreme.com. Following multiple raids across cities throughout the US, L2Extreme's fraudulent servers – which claimed to support 50,000 active users – were taken offline, as was the L2Extreme.com website.

Note however that L2Extreme has been in operation for some months already under a different name, it is a cat-and-mouse game! The playing field? Planet Earth! *sigh*


Lineage II CT The Kamael Coming to L2-SEA!

The patch that many L2-SEA players are waiting for is finally coming! With that, iPlayAsia, the gaming brand of AsianMedia launch a teaser site for Lineage II The Chaotic Throne: The Kamael.

So mark your calendars now, April 22, 2008! Be sure to join The Kamael Launch to get your Kamael Installers!!

Click the image below to visit the teaser site..

Celebrate with us for the KAMAEL Launch Party!

Join us in celebrating the biggest installment of Lineage II to date! Get immersed with the community of anime and gamers alike in The Kamael Launch Party that will happen together with Ozine Fest '08 in Megatrade 2, SM Megamall from April 5-6.

Lots of Kamael freebies are in-store for everybody. Plus, you will also have the chance to get the first dibs for the uber-cool Kamael installers! There will be a lot of mini-games on-site for existing players and non-players alike, complimenting the main activities which will be composed of the Battle Tournament and the Clan Rally!

Click here for the full details...

Win A-grade weapons and armors, even a high-end PC!

As the launch for the most anticipated installment for the coolest MMOG in Southeast Asia draws near, Asianmedia quenches everyones excitement by letting you Fly With The Kamael!

New players will get a chance to win rare in-game items such as the Demonic Circlet by joining the Beginner's Flight, while existing players get dibs on A-Grade weapons or armors of their choice- truly exclusive items reserved only for the luckiest adventurers. What's more, a brand new, high-spec gaming rig that'll make your LineageII playing experience rock more with flawless and smooth graphics and lightning-quick response time is up for grabs for one lucky winner who will create a new LineageII account!

Click here for more details...

Festival of the Squash

Trivia Challenge II


Call to Arms

Unite against the new threat


Monster Race Track, Lottery, and Dice!

The awaited Monster Race Track and lottery system of Lineage II will now open its doors to the public! What are you waiting for? Time to get the dice rolling and place your bets!

* Read on for details.

Bunnies Galore!!!

New L2-SEA Event posted announced.

* Read on for details.


Lineage II SEA at the 3rd Internet Cafe Congress

Posted by CM-Yukino:

We are inviting everyone to join the 3rd Internet Cafe Congress! We have surprises for you all, just visit us at the L2-SEA Booth, we're very easy to spot!

Get the latest news, the latest scoops, what's in store for us all.

Come all, get your guilds to have its EB!

Where: SM Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City
When: March 3 to March 4, 2008 (Saturday-Sunday)

See you all there!!


Lineage II - 2008 Commercial Launch News

For the Philippine L2-SEA players, there is an unlimited game time promo for you. The PhP20.00 and PhP50.00 L2 Cards will give 24-hours and 72-hours of unlimited game time respectively instead of the usual hour-based packages. Not only that, there will be in-game items that are bundled with the L2 Cards. Additionally, there will be a refer-a-friend promo the details of which will be posted soon. Top-Ups? People can start topping-up by the 17th January.

Apart from that, the news that will make every L2-SEA player (well almost not all) smile is that starting 22nd January 2008, there will be a 2x XP, SP, and Drop Rate, which will last up to 5th February 2008. Finally, the much awaited Content Patch - Kamael, is scheduled this April!

These are the news that I can recall from the L2 Launch Event that was held a few hours ago, and it surpassed any local and regional Commercial Launch Party, a huge success for AsianMedia, NCsoft, and the L2-SEA Community! Congratulations!!

I have something to add... we saw "Cadmus" as a new upcoming server. No date though when, probably will coincide with the launching of Kamael, which is fair enough in my opinion.

Special Server Maintenance Advisory: 15th to 17th January 2008

Quoted from L2-SEA:

Please be advised that the servers and account creation will be down from 8:00am (0800H) ACT, 15th January to 8:00am (0800H) ACT, 17th January. We will have an extended server maintenance to prepare for the enabling of the Payment System.

Thank you very much.


Live WebCast of L2 Launch

Bitstop Network Services (BNS) will provide the Live WebCast for the L2 Launch tomorrow!

Visit the official L2 Launch site tomorrow to see the Live WebCast!


Walk into the World of Lineage II without Getting Inside Your PC

As year 2007 nearly set to a halt, AsianMedia has capped everything off to make the New Year popping with loud roar and cheer!

On Saturday, 12th January 2008, Lineage II - South-East Asia (L2-SEA) will raise the bar of how festivity should become. Whoever you are, wherever you would be - choose from the five different locations and blast off to the grandest SEA Commercial Kickoff Party dubbed as the L2 Launch!

Get to explore beyond the gates. Set foor to the medieval lifestyle of various races through fascinating Cosplay scenes. Summon your inner thirst for great in-game activities and prizes; and rock the whole dome with your favorite bands till sundown.

Join the dash to SM Mall of Asia's Music Hall to become part of one of the biggest event which will start eevery gamer's year right. Simultaneously broadcasted via live feeds from four other locations - Baguio City, Cebu City, Davao City, and Kuala Lumpur - they will join forces to celebrate and highlight Lineage II's grand unveiling.

You might even get the opportunity to win the Commodore's Hat and/or an Enchant Weapon A (scroll) for your in-game character!


TEC Asia
4th Floor Low Yat Plaza, Kuala Lumpur
Starts at 11:00am

SM Mall of Asia
Music Hall Roxas Boulevard, Manila
Starts at 11:00am

18BC Bar
Legarda Road, Baguio City
Starts at 6:00pm

Formo Bar
Banilad Town Center, Cebu City
Starts at 6:00pm

Boyztrek Internet Cafe
Jacinto St., Davao City
Starts at 6:00pm

Early Bird Rewards
L2-SEA Launch Clan Rally
L2-SEA Launch Battle Tournament
L2-SEA Inspired Head Gear Contest
L2-SEA Launch Placard Contest

and many more...

L2-SEA Launch Cosplay Contest
L2-SEA Launch On-the-Spot Drawing Contest
Amazing Lineage II Race Contest
. . .

Visit the official L2-SEA Launch site: L2 Launch!

See you there!!