One day to go before Etherian Wars!

Helpful reminders for the Gludio Castle event.

With just one day remaining before the attack of Gludio Castle to celebrate the launch of Etherian Wars, the best clans of both Aria and Blackbird are in high gear for the preparation of the opening day of the biggest Castle Siege in South-East Asia! A total of 37 valiant clans from both worlds (as of 4:00pm ACT, November 16, 2007) are preparing with their superior tactics to claim the glory of being the strongest amongst others.

To prepare for this momentous event, we will be scheduling preventive maintenance on the servers two (2) hours before the siege time. Blackbird server will be restarting at 1:00pm ACT while Aria at 4:00pm ACT on the said date. Regular in-game announcements will be conducted to advise the players currently logged-on the servers at that time.

We also advise the following reminders for the players to make this event a success:
  1. To minimize lag and stress on the worlds, players who are not registered in the event are advised to use the Broadcasting Towers in their respective towns to view the Castle Siege action. This will also prevent a character from being killed by unfriendly fire and lose large amount of XP.
  2. You can use "Alt+P" to minimize the frames and reduce stress on your PC.
  3. Avoid spamming and unnecessary use of skills for the benefit of other players.
  4. Have fun! By the end of the day, a success of one clan is the success of the whole world noting that this is the first time that the Castle Siege feature was activated.

Please pass these reminders to all of your friends and let's start the Etherian Wars with a bang! Enjoy!!

Top clans prepare for War!

The fiercest clans of both Aria and Blackbird servers are gearing up for th eCastle Siege Launch event! As of 3:00pm ACT, November 16, 2007, twenty (20) clans from Aria and seventeen (17) clans from Blackbird have registered their participation for the attack of Gludio Castle to be held this November 17!


Clan NameName of Lord


Clan NameName of Lord

Don't miss this epic battle! Other interested clans who are level 4 and above can still register by having their Clan lords talk with Sir Tyrone of Gludio Castle until 2:59pm (Blackbird) and 5:59pm (Aria) on November 17. Registration for the siege is important to be able to claim the castle and prevent large XP loss when killed inside the castle premises.

Want to experience the battle but do not have enough levels? You can view the whole event by accessing the Broadcasting Towers of your respective areas during the duration of the siege. Just click on Gludio Castle and witness the action! Our Siege Centre commentator will be there to provide the community with a blow-by-blow account of what is happening using the System and Hero channels so make sure you enable these in your chat options.

The calm before the storm

By Elrohir
(Elrohir is one of the GameMasters of L2-SEA)

AS I walk the world of Ether I bear witness to a changing age. 'Till recently there were wars and blood feuds between the clans.

Fighting could break out at any place and at any time. Conflicts between races, large or small, were commonplace. Life was a struggle not only to succeed but also to survive. Then a sudden peace came. Violence was avoided even among the clans. In effect, commerce flourished. Towns were flocked by adventurers and merchants alike selling weapons and wares. Deals were brokered on every street corner. Adena changed hands in a blink of an eye. Several major thoroughfares were blocked by the sheer number of stalls. Even the Monster Race Track, a common meeting point, had to turn down patrons and expel those who get in the way.

But until when would this peace last? Already vassals, knights, and lords gather in clan halls. They meet in private to make plans. The members train themselves, fighting mythical beasts and spar amongst one another. Clans and alliances stockpile arms and resources. Smithies are fired up to make new and powerful equipment. Dungeons long silent were invaded by a sudden rush of fortune seekers going deeper into chambers that was ‘till now remained undisturbed. They plumb the depths for artifacts that are unparalleled when put beside those made in recent years. Even the cursed weapons, the Demon Sword Zariche and the Blood Sword Akamanah, have resurfaced and quickly change hands between those who crave power. It seems that conflict is avoided only because they wasted well needed resources. This is but the calm before the storm, each leader waiting as the lordship of Gludio Castle will be in contention.

I can only continue to walk, to watch. The future is in the hands of those who will take part. Those who are worthy shall weather the storm. Those most powerful can change the tides of fate.

This new era will start with the siege of Gludio.