Lineage II Event - Clan 10

These days, Ether’s nobility holds little power when it comes to how each of the kingdoms are being ran. Cabals were formed and within those Cabals were the clans.

Clans hold much power in the two continents that the lords of the land have very high respect for these organizations. It is this very reason why the lords of Aden and Elmore combined resources to sponsor special clans. For within these clans, they know they would be able to keep their hold amongst the people of Ether.


* Open to all Etherians in groups of 10(ten)
* Form a clan with 10(ten) members
* Race to level 20(twenty) with first job class
* Take a screenshot with all the members present (make sure not to edit the screenshot)
* Write a background story of how your clan was formed. Make sure that the story is based on the Lineage II lore.
* Requirements for submission:
o Name of clan, clan leader and list of members. (Make sure that you write the names as is or you will be disqualified)
o Server where the clan is located
o Background story of the clan in word format (all entries must be submitted in English)
o Clan emblem (logo) in jpeg format (3x3 in)
o Screenshot of the whole clan (do not edit the screenshot)
* Email all entries to lineage2sea.events@asianmedia.ph (last day of submission: August 16, 2007)
* All entries submitted are subject to our verification
* 20 clans on each server would get a chance to win a customized Lineage II T-shirts with their Clan Emblem as part of the design of the shirt.
* A clan can win in either of two categories:
o Community Choice
o Publisher’s Choice

* For Publisher’s Choice, entries will be judged based on:
o Name of Clan – 25% ( How unique or original your clan name would be)
o Clan Emblem – 25% ( How unique or original your clan emblem would be)
o Background Story – 25% ( How creative, and original the story would be)
o Screenshot Pose – 25% (How photogenic are your characters)

* For Community Choice:
o A poll will be placed in our Lineage II community forum for voting. Etherians would base their votes on the same categories as editor’s choice.
* All winners will be notified by email

Metro Manila winners can claim their prizes at the Asian Media Office located at 8/F Octagon Centre Building, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines 1605. For provincial winners, prizes will be couriered to the Clan Leader. For Singapore and Malaysia, prizes can be claimed at the office of Cube Tech.