Lineage II - South-East Asia 1st Ever EVENT - The Glimpse's End

Lineage II - South-East Asia or simply L2-SEA is going to hold an event in less than 18 hours from now entitled "The Glimpse's End". This will be L2-SEA's first ever event since they started their Closed Beta Test (CBT).

It is interesting to note that veteran Lineage II players have been waiting for events like this one from their old servers, and now, the whole world has set their eyes on L2-SEA to witness not just the event, but the service of AsianMedia. But, so far so good for them, the GameMasters (GMs) and Customer Support (CS) are getting nothing but positive feedback. Some members of the L2-SEA Community were even amazed that they are already implementing their Game Policies during CBT (Game Policy implementation usually starts with Open Beta).

Here are the details of "The Glimpse's End", the event that will mark the end of L2-SEA CBT, and will mark the beginning of a new world for all Lineage II fans in the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia - Lineage II - South-East Asia, an Official and Legal Lineage II Server.

The Glimpse's End

As the Closed Beta Test ends, we invite players to partake in a new journey into the Lineage 2 community. The end is coming close and a new dawn of gaming experience will arrive.

The war between Shilen against the gods had turned. With the combined powers of Einhasad and Gran Kain, Shilen had to think of a different strategy to win the war.

To distract the gods from their battle, Shilen sent out her army down to Ether to wreak havoc among the Etherians. The gods were in conflict. On one hand, they want to help the Etherians with their fight against the demons, on the other hand, though greatly diminished Shilen’s army was still strong. They have kept the onslaught on both heaven and Ether with no trace of giving up.

Caught by surprise, the Etherians ran amok as monster, demons and dragons invaded the different towns and cities of the continent. Even with the giants’ help in organizing the different races, they were still outmatched against Shilen’s army.

Cities were being destroyed one after another. And the Etherians have no other choice but flee their homes.

But who would help them? Who would stand strong amidst the chaos and lead the races to a safe haven? Would you be that person?

Be immortalized in the pages of the Chronicles. Be there for the exodus on the last hours of Closed Beta! Join us and retain your username, password and character names on Open Beta.


• Retention of your Closed Beta Accounts to Open Beta. Plus the retention of your closed beta character names to Open Beta.
• All you have to do is be online in the last hours of the last day of Closed Beta (6:00PM to server shutdown), July 25, 2007 and join the exodus from the towns in chaos to a safe haven.

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