Official Lineage II South-East Asia Pre-CBT Website Now Up

Long-time fans of the Triple-A MMOG from NCsoft - Lineage II, requested for a website and forums they can all go to and mingle with their fellow fans since the public first heard about the agreement between NCsoft and AsianMedia - to publish Lineage II in South-East Asia, primarily for Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore.

At long last, it is here. AsianMedia just launched a few hours ago the Pre-Closed Beta Test website of Lineage II South-East Asia (L2-SEA). The CBT form is up and working, the forums is now open to the public, and there is even a page for iCafe Owners to sign-up their Cafe branch/chain to be come an Affiliate or Partner for L2-SEA.

'nuff words... go visit the official Pre-CBT Website of Lineage II South-East Asia -> AsianMedia.ph/lineage2/.