Lineage II South-East Asia Beta Next Month

According to the TMCnet report dated May 2007, the Beta of Lineage II-SEA will start next month, meaning June 2007, and the commercial launch a month later, or July 2007.

Interesting points:


  • Lineage II franchise in the Asia-Pacific region represents 45% of the world market

  • Nation Competitions will be added (editor note: "in-game" nations, more probably)

  • Inter-server Competitions

  • New Content will allow all scales of clans to have a role to prevent the exclusive possession of castles by the few elite gigantic clans

  • Pre-Paid will be available in hourly, daily, weekly or monthly denominations

  • Lineage II-SEA will eventually host 10 servers, compared to 8 in the US/EU region, where the number of players has reached two million subscribers

  • NCsoft estimates from the Malaysian market for Lineage II, has an annual potential of U$20 million

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