AsianMedia Looking for Distributors

A news from TMCnet entitled Wanted: Firms game enough to distribute Lineage II here says that AsianMedia is looking for distributors in Malaysia for the South-East Asian server of the ever-popular Lineage II by NCsoft.

To summarize other key points made:


  • AsianMedia is expected to pump another few million US Dollars into gaming servers dedicated for the three countries (Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore)

  • The game is expected to be commercially launched in July

  • It will be simultaneously launch in the three countries

  • South-East Asian gaming industry has some 12 million online gamers so far, and it is expected to go up to 20 million

  • Malaysian online gaming market is still small compared with that of other countries (my note: neighboring countries?)

  • Malaysian gaming industry is worth not more than U$20 million (RM68.4 million)

  • South-Korean gaming industry is worth at least U$10 million (RM3.42 million) a month

  • The cost of playing Lineage II-SEA will be lower than U$15 / month

  • Lineage II-SEA will be based on a pre-paid card business model

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