L2-SEA Launch: Clan Rally

Gather your clan members in celebrating the launch and Lineage II will sponsor your clan's gimmick for the night!

Read on for the mechanics and prizes


  • Open to all clans with at least Clan Level 3 (CL3)
  • Participating clans must make and bring a clan flag based on their clan logo to the event with the following dimensions and format:
    • Dimension: 17x22 inches
      • Width: 17 inches
      • Height: 22 inches
    • Format: Vertical
    • Paper or Cloth
  • Clans without a flag will not be eligible for the Clan Rally contest
  • Clan Flag Restrictions
    • Must not contain copyrighted, trademarked (registered or not) logos, emblems, and graphic materials
    • No offensive graphical content
    • No pornography
    • No fould language
    • Must not have racist, political, religious, and sexist themes
  • Clans must submit their flags to the registration booth to be displayed on a center-piece in the event area
  • Clans must have a Clan Shout (Greetings, Cheer, BattleCry) - Clan Members will shout out when called to the stage
  • The Clan Shout must be submitted during registration, printed out on a letter-size (short) bond paper
  • Clan Shout Restrictions
    • Must not contain copyrighted slogans
    • No sexual innuendos
    • No foul language
    • Must not have racist, political, and sexist themes
  • Clans must submit their roster who are present in the event to the Clan Rally booth. The roster submitted is final and no changes will be honoured once it is approved
  • Members can only be registered on one clan and only once
  • For the roster to be approved, a call-out/headcount will be done to confirm the validity of the roster
  • Each clan member must fill in the following data during registration:
    • Name
    • Server
    • Username/Account ID
    • Clan Name
    • Character Name
    • Address
    • Mobile #
    • Emai Address (used on your L2-SEA Account)
  • Registration closes at exactly 4:00pm ACT. Late registrants will not be accomodated.
  • Clan members will be verified and tallied after registration is closed
  • Clans must be at the event grounds from 6:00pm ACT onwards
  • Criteria:
    • 60% Clan Attendance
    • 20% Clan Flag
    • 10% Audience Impact of Clan Shout
    • 10% Originality of Clan Shout


  • 20x Enchant Weapon A (scroll)
  • Ten Thousand Pesos (PhP10,000.00) cash

* Currently open for all Philippine venues only.
* Additional details will be provided later for the Singapore-Malaysia Launch at Kuala Lumpur.

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