Siege Centre Field Report: Castle Siege Tips by Solarius

A casual player in Blackbird server, Solarius (not his IGN name) is a frequent poster in the official forums. He was also a player of Lineage II NA in Erica server before he and his friends transferred to Lineage II South-East Asia.

* August 13, 2005 Invincible Alliance sieging Aden Castle by Pakk

Castle Siege Tips
By Solarius

1) Register in time - the NPCs for castle sieges require clans to preregister either for defense or offense
2) Know the castle layout - use google the layouts are there, it’s best that people in your clan know where to go and what to do
3) Know your enemy - estimate their average level, based from the armors they used and the skills available to them, understand the classes they used, who’s the overlord, who’s using mass root, etc. to identify who and what to kill first
4) use voice chat - honestly if u live in a cave and you don’t know what teamspeak and ventrilo are, you're out of your mind. The best clans in the world use voice chat for coordination and quick tactical thinking. If you find your clan unable to use these tools, prepare to pay the price of exp loss in a siege

* Ventrilo (Vent) - http://www.ventrilo.com
* TeamSpeak (TS) - http://www.goteamspeak.com

What’s the difference between the two of them? Well ts is easier to configure, but vent has better sound quality.

5) change your clan leader before the siege - honestly, he's the only one who can capture the castle, you don’t want 300 players from the opposite side spiking him with damage, so it’s best to transfer leadership to someone else before you siege. It's another element of surprise
6) for defense - use castle NPCs, they're expensive but they're a good distraction for some noobcakes trying to break your defense
7) explain the rewards to your clan mates - honestly, if they don't know why they are sieging in the first place, they would not follow you and a clan that doesn’t siege is in fact a carebear clan, no offense to carebears.

Benefits of winning a siege
1) rep points for clan upgrade (2k rep from what some people told me or lesser)
2) able to tax the town (25% tax will piss alot of people and u might get overthrown, i think 13-15% is good) --> THIS IS A LOT OF MONEY make sure the money is distributed evenly or used for clan logistics
3) manor system - clan leader gets to sell seeds, its like the spoil skill for dwarf classes, it increases the item drop and some exchange items etc etc basically another cash cow
4) bragging rights - depending on the duration of the next siege, like in NA its 2 weeks, you have 2 weeks of utter trashtalking your weak opponents =P
5) Lineage started the siege system - its a FACT
6) Cool headgears and wyvern access for castle lord (yum yum)

What happens if you lose:
1) If the siege was well coordinated, planned out, everyone followed orders and used voice chat or played in one iCafe, thats ok, it only proves everyone needs to improve their toon, this basically means that before you siege make sure everyone is ready (e.g people are well geared, lots of pots, etc.)
2) You also lose rep points when u lose - this I have yet to confirm since the sieges I've join in NA, we haven't lost so im not sure if this is true
3) Don’t die a lot YOU ALSO LOSE XP DURING SIEGES - it may not as be as big as a normal death when there is no castle siege, but dont risk urself acting like Rambo infornt of your enemy
4) If you lose, its gonna hurt your pride, hell everyone's pride – a lot of people have done sieges from other games before, so they know about this. Some people unfortunately can’t handle the pressure =P

That’s all I can share for now, I bet a lot of people may share other inputs with regards to the siege, again everyone will have a try this Nov. 17 and I wish all the clans good luck =P

Last tip:
Someone asked what was the best castle in the game, it’s Aden- besides being cool and ass kicking beautiful, it receives taxes from other castles under its territory (Gludio, Dion, Giran, Innadril.

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