Understanding local gamers key to AsianMedia's success

ASIAN Media Development Group’s (AsianMedia) move towards online games is welcome news for the Filipino gaming community which is hungry for quality online games. AsianMedia’s partnership with Korean gaming giant, NCsoft to distribute Lineage II in Southeast Asia opens doors for Filipino gamers to experience bigger and better games at their own terms.

As AsianMedia Chief Operating Officer, Ronald Allan Aquino comments, “Our extensive market research into local gaming behavior confirms that Pinoy gamers are ready, willing and eager to experience a higher caliber of gaming content.”

Lineage II, the medieval fantasy MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) has drawn millions of loyal fans worldwide to its combination of fantasy combat. Its unique social/ political/economic power struggles developed through the community and by the in-game actions of individual gamers are anticipated to appeal especially to Filipinos.

“Lineage II is an excellent game to spearhead our efforts towards continuously providing cutting-edge online games,” says Aquino. “Each new chronicle in Lineage II is truly massive in scope and offers new twists that will keep gamers immersed in the game.”

Marketing to a Philippine Gaming Community
In a move to make the game accessible to more Filipino gamers, access to Lineage II’s Philippine servers will be available on a prepaid card system which will allow gamers to determine the amount of time they play Lineage II.

“For now, we’re focusing on the Pay-to-Play (P2P) business model as opposed to the Free-to-Play (F2P) model because P2P games tend to attract more gamers who are prepared to commit to the game and thereby develop a sense of loyalty to the brand,” says Aquino.

Although most online gaming in the Philippines is concentrated within Metro Manila, AsianMedia will market Lineage II throughout the Philippines by tapping its existing distribution network for popular PC games like Counterstrike and GuildWars among internet gaming cafes spread throughout the country.

“Lineage II has a unique community building component and it would not be farfetched to imagine competition among clans from different provinces as well as different countries like Malaysia and Singapore who will also be playing Lineage II from the same server,” he continues.

“In terms of content, we also believe that Philippine gamers are willing to pay for superior quality game content, something which Lineage II is already known for throughout the world,” adds Aquino.

With regular updates or expansions to the game, unceasing game content development, and frequent in-game promotional events to keep gamers on their collective toes, Lineage II is particularly suited for gamers who demand value for their money.

Lineage II also features greatly improved third-person 3D graphics thanks to the Unreal Engine developed by Epic Games.

“It is without a doubt, the most breathtakingly stunning and immersive Triple-A fantasy MMORPG in the market,” adds Aquino.

AsianMedia’s research into Philippine online gaming behavior revealed that a growing segment of the gaming community is in their early to mid-20s and more likely to play online games that feature realistic characters. They also expressed a desire for games with spectacular graphics and more challenging content: qualities which Lineage II delivers in spades.

“Although we’re keeping our options open towards other types of online games in the future, we’re confident that Philippine gamers will come to the world of Lineage II, decide to stay and experience the game of their life,” concludes Aquino.

Here are two articles published on the Philippine Star last May 14, and the Philippine Chronicles last May 11, 2007.


Lineage II South-East Asia Featured on Channel News Asia

Channel News Asia featured the much-awaited MMORPG in South-East Asia (and the Oceania region) - Lineage II by NCsoft.

This is shown on air last May 9, 2007.

HP Powers AsianMedia's Online Gaming Infrastructure for Lineage II

Singapore, May 10, 2007 -- HP has been selected as the technology provider of choice by Asian Media Development Group (AsianMedia), the Philippines’ largest PC games distributor. HP will be providing AsianMedia with an online gaming infrastructure solution consisting of ProLiant and BladeSystem servers, StorageWorks data and network storage solutions, networking products, and services.

Recently, AsianMedia signed a US$5.5 million deal with South Korea-based gaming giant NCsoft Corp. to distribute the triple-A "Play-to-Play" (P2P) online game Lineage II in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore.

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Korean gaming giant to host latest online game in Southeast Asia

SINGAPORE : In what's seen as a boost for online gaming in Southeast Asia, Korean gaming giant NCsoft Corporation will be hosting, for the first time, its latest "Multiplayer Online Game" in the Philippines.

The company has sealed a US$5.5 million deal with games distributor Asian Media Development Group.

This will likely pave the way for more major games developers to choose this region to host their online games.

Lineage 2, The Chaotic Throne is an AAA game. That means it's a major production, similar to Hollywood blockbusters like Lord of the Rings and Spiderman. So it's no surprise the Lineage franchise has a subscriber base of 14 million gamers worldwide.

And so its really coming in the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. It is about time because there are countless gamers, both L2 and non-L2 fans who are waiting for this game for years!! Many wonders why NCsoft only recently decided to give us South-East Asians our own server.

This also sealed the South-East Asian region on the online gaming market map, for many years we all but felt ignored by these giant online game developers. In fact, not just us but the Australians and New Zealand gamers as well, in some popular guild sites like the Holy Order of the Light, Australians have told their friends and guild allies that they will migrate to Lineage II - South-East Asia once it is out.

I guess this is a strong message to NCsoft, extend L2-SEA to the Autralians and New Zealand gamers! I know how they feel, it is so very hard to play on a server with a timezone that is on the other side of the world, L2-SEA is their best choice, and not only that, the Australians and New Zealand gamers will feel at home together with the South-East Asians.

So NCsoft? Do consider this seriously.

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Or watch this video courtesy of CNA: L2-SEA Interview.


Lineage II South-East Asia Beta Next Month

According to the TMCnet report dated May 2007, the Beta of Lineage II-SEA will start next month, meaning June 2007, and the commercial launch a month later, or July 2007.

Interesting points:


  • Lineage II franchise in the Asia-Pacific region represents 45% of the world market

  • Nation Competitions will be added (editor note: "in-game" nations, more probably)

  • Inter-server Competitions

  • New Content will allow all scales of clans to have a role to prevent the exclusive possession of castles by the few elite gigantic clans

  • Pre-Paid will be available in hourly, daily, weekly or monthly denominations

  • Lineage II-SEA will eventually host 10 servers, compared to 8 in the US/EU region, where the number of players has reached two million subscribers

  • NCsoft estimates from the Malaysian market for Lineage II, has an annual potential of U$20 million

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