Lineage II: The Kamael - The 1st Throne

This April 11, 2007 Wednesday, Korean Time, Throne 1: The Kamael will be released on the Korean Public Test Servers. The Kamael is the first "Throne" for Lineage II's Saga 2: The Chaotic Throne. If you are confused, you can read my earlier post about it by clicking HERE.

The difference with Interlude? Simple:

Sage 2: The Chaotic Throne

  • Interlude

  • Throne 1: The Kamael

Clear? Good. Well there is not much info about The Kamael except that this will be the chapter (if you will) wherein they will introduce the new race for the game. If you watched the Interlude CG Movie, then you've notice the one-winged being at the last part of the movie - that's the new race.

This was confirmed, or rather, mentioned by a Lineage II developer from the interview The Making of Interlude, where Mr. Developer said that they listened to the suggestions of the players.

Discussions on the US Lineage II boards goes on that the developers tried to make the "Giants" race playable but the balancing issues it will introduce outweighs the game's stabilitity and fun, so there will be only one race.

In that interview, they also mentioned about inter-server warfare. Though not confirmed, it is rumoured that the said feature will be included with Throne 1. There is another feature waiting to be implemented - the "Fortresses" and is also rumoured to be included with Throne 1. Not much info is available except that it will be used for later Throne expansions, maybe, just maybe, it is related with the inter-server warfare feature or... drum rolls please...

The "National Wars" as D34dly refers to it. To explain, it is a feature wherein different Lineage II regions will be able to compete with each other, so it will be L2-US vs L2-EU vs L2-SEA vs L2-KR vs L2-JP vs L2-CN and so on.

But here's another bit of info, while there will be a new playable race, there will also be a new non-playable race. No one knows for sure if the "Kamael" race is the playable or non-playable race, but common notion is that the Kamael is the non-playable race, while... drum rolls again.... the "Garcia", the playable race.

Confusing? Yah. Let's just wait one more day (as of the time of this writing) to know the whole story. But before you go, hey, watch this teaser trailer of The Kamael - The 1st Throne.

Click Here, since it's in Korean, the closest translation is:

As for the translation of the flash it goes something like this:
-They tried to overthrow the gods
-And tragedy befell them for their ambition
-Now their forgotten "Wings of Desire" will shine upon the world
-On April 11th they will awaken

From Thirsty of L2-US Boards.

And here are some arts for you:
From Lineage II

From Lineage II

From Lineage II

From Lineage II

Saga 2: The Chaotic Throne is like Lineage III already, but a loyal Lineage II fan asked me if there is any truth about Lineage III, now that got me to thinking, and I have to research more about it.

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