Chronicle 6 or not?

If you have been following the news about The Chaotic Throne - Interlude then you might have noticed that people refer to it differently in terms of its position in the list of Lineage II expansions. Some call it Chronicle 6: Interlude, some Chronicle 6: The Chaotic Throne, while some say it is Saga 2: The Chaotic Throne - Interlude.

So which one is accurate?

To set things clear about Lineage II The Chaotic Throne - Interlude, here's the correct order of the free expansions of the game.

  • Saga 1: The Chaotic Chronicle

    • Prelude

    • Chronicle 1: Harbingers of War

    • Chronicle 2: Age of Splendor

    • Chronicle 3: Rise of Darkness

    • Chronicle 4: Scions of Destiny

    • Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood

  • Saga 2: The Chaotic Throne

    • Interlude

    • Throne 1: The Kamael

    • ...

In other words, Interlude and/or The Chaotic Throne is/are not "Chronicle 6". Recent NCsoft Press Releases and interviews helped shed light on where The Chaotic Throne - Interlude fits in the Lineage II MMORPG.

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